Future Cup 2017 – 4 matches of RSC Anderlecht U17 highlighting Yari Verschaeren

We analyzed 4 matches of RSC Anderlecht U17 in the Future Cup 2017. Manager René Peeters said after the first two wins that RSC Anderlecht U17 team was weaker than he wanted it to be. Nevertheless, RSC Anderlecht U17 ended up in fourth place after only just losing the semi-finals to Ajax after penalties and totally botching the losers final against the surprisingly good J-League.

Sjaak Swart, the famous retired Ajax player, gets to chose the best player of the Future Cup 2017. He chose Yari Verschaeren of RSC Anderlecht U17. For that reason we highlight his data here although he only played in 2 of the 4 matches we analyzed. His choice for Yari Verschaeren is strange to say the least. Although there could be ulterior motives, let’s assume that Sjaak Swart really considers Yari Verschaeren the best player of the Future Cup 2017 and that his opinion is well respected within the football world in general and Ajax specifically. Then the choice for Yari Verschaeren is an excellent example of how focusing on skills mislead scouts.

Scouts, especially if they have been very good footballers in their own time, understand how difficult it is to play football very well. And when they judge a player they look for the skills that that player has. That is also the reason why all other football statistics solutions focus on trying to capture the skill of a player. Nevertheless, in the end something else than skills matter. What matters are results. Or as we call them: football efficiency. Here is the graph of Yari Verschaeren:

Statistics of Yari Verschaeren

Now when you compare these stats with the stats of Ryan Gravenberch, the second best player of Ajax U17 at the Future Cup 2017, you immediately see that Ryan Gravenberch has a much better football efficiency:


For Ryan Gravenberch Overall Efficiency is much higher. The same goes for Defending and Passing Efficiency. Scouts focusing on skills is one of the main reasons why Ajax has had so many players that they bought fail. This resulted in the loss of millions. In the current season Ajax did reasonably well. Sanchez has a high efficiency and is worth the transfer fee Ajax paid according to the valuation model of the Football Efficiency Monitoring System. Neres has also a very high efficiency, but is worth a couple of million less than Ajax paid for Neres. Cassiera and Ziyech have respectively a very low and low efficiency. When you also look at football efficiency data buying players you save millions due to buying highly skilled, but also highly efficient players rather than highly skilled players with a low efficiency.

All the other data is in the RSC Anderlecht U17 data package that can be ordered in the form below. In our database of more than 1600+ players the following players of RSC Anderlecht U17 are listed (and they are in the data package as well of course):

While our main effort is measuring Overall Efficiency and their constitutive parts Attacking, Defending & Passing Effciency, our secondary measurement is what chance a player has to disappoint. Of under seventeen players one can expect higher levels of inconsistency, yet here is list of all the players of RSC Anderlecht U17 in our database and a comparison with the players of Ajax U17. Please mind that a low chance to disappoint does not necessarily means that the player is a good footballer. Yet, a high chance to disappoint is in almost all cases problematic.

Players RSC Anderlecht U17 Chance to disappoint Players Ajax U17 Chance to disappoint
Yuanis Mokou Temdieu 0.49% Richonell Margaret 2.07%
Maxime Delanghe 3.45% Ryan Gravenberch 2.25%
Jakub Kiwior 3.64% Abdellah Aberkane 2.64%
Lorenzo Stevens 5.28% Liam van Gelderen 6.62%
Jerko Guldix 8.37% Ricardo Vargas 7.86%
Angel Velastegui Mendez 9.42% Sergino Dest 10.60%
Derick Kyere 9.66% Brian Brobbey 11.15%
Gustas Graziunas 10.16% Szabolcs Schon 16.90%
Gregory Descotte 15.70% Daan Reiziger 17.09%
Thomas Doore 16.45% Sven Botman 19.29%
Yari Verschaeren 17.39% Venitchio Sint 20.53%
Theo Leoni 26.77% Mitchel Bakker 23.16%
Alan Mayanga 27.78% Quinten Maduro 24.93%
Hotman El Kabari 29.61% Jurrien Maduro 28.79%
Juan Perea Mendoza 38.75% Giovanni de la Vega 29.78%
Mardochee Nzita Theto 40.59% Mateusz Gorski Not enough data
Leotrim Reka 70.51% Eros Maddy Not enough data
Niels Dermul Not enough data Jurgen Ekkelenkamp Not enough data

Highlighting Yari Verschaeren

Here is the player data for Yari Verschaeren from our proprietary database:

Data for Yari Verschaeren

Here is Yari Verschaeren’s his graph of the first matched he played at the Future Cup 2017:

Statistics for Yari Verschaeren

When you want the full data set of the all the players of Anderlecht U17 that we analyzed, please contact us or use the order form below:

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