Barcelona U19: full integration of first, second and youth team highlighting Jordi Mboula

One of the lessons we learned analyzing all the players we analyzed, is how important it is to have a full integration of the first, second and youth teams. Although nowadays being send to the second team or youth team is considered a punishment, it would be much better if players understood that playing in an easier competition is an excellent opportunity to increase their Overall Efficiency. Of course, players find it okay to play in the second or youth team after recovering from an injury. But currently, a player’s image is too much of a concern that big name players would create problems if they were sent to the second or youth team. Nevertheless, introducing a culture in football where playing in the second team is a good opportunity to get form back after a bad series, would profit a club a lot.

Take for example the case of Neymar:

Neymar in Barcelona vs Juventus

Neymar has had a very low Overall Efficiency and Attacking Efficiency for quite a number of matches. Although Neymar’s image might conflict with being send to the second team, it would be a good opportunity for Neymar to increase his efficiencies. Especially, if there is a good replacement in the second team or youth team. Although we analyzed only one match, there is a very promising striker playing in Barcelona U19. His name is Jordi Mboula. Here is his efficiency chart:

Jordi Mboula in Barcelona U19 - RB Salzburg April 21th 2017 (1-2)

In most clubs you see a lot of integration between all the different youth teams. That obviously works well. Yet, somehow this integration ends for the second team and even more for the first team. Nevertheless, full integration between first, second and youth teams is the optimal way. With the Football Efficiency Monitoring System you can see which players are ready to be tested at a more competitive level and which players need to be given the opportunity to recover their efficiencies.

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