Joost van der Leij

Joost van der Leij
Joost van der Leij

Joost van der Leij is a philosopher of statistics who has a lot of experience in mental coaching. He has written three books on Bayesian statistics besides many books about mental coaching. The three books on statistics are: The Logic of Uncertainty, More Than True and Psychology Without Content. This year he started a collaboration with the Aubrey Daniels Research Institute for Behavior Analysis of the VU-university of Amsterdam, ranked #73 in The Times International University Ranking, to research and expand his ideas with behavioral science.

Joost has done statistical research into mental coaching and Personality Neuroscience in the period 2013-2017. Asked in the summer of 2016 to help a professional football team to improve their performance, he first developed during the European Championships a statistical model to demonstrate that player improved through mental coaching.

The first iteration of the football model predicted correctly that Portugal would win the final over France. That result and other good results, made it that Joost van der Leij expanded the model to what it is now: a statistical model to measure the efficiency of football players.

Joost van der Leij himself has a history in sports. As a youngster he trained one week with the Dutch national team under eighteen in volleyball. During his career as a mental coach and trainer he has helped a marathon speed skating team to improve their numbers of wins. Currently his Neurogram® model for personality neuroscience is used at the Inter Rijswijk volleyball team to improve their results.

Joost van der Leij is a very original thinker and comes up with solutions that no-one else has thought of. For that reason, when you want you football club to take an edge on the competition, make sure you introduce the Neurogram ® model for personality and team dynamics and football efficiency statistics.

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