Sébastien Haller to Eintracht Frankfurt

Sébastien Haller has been transferred to Eintracht Frankfurt from FC Utrecht for the transfer fee of £5.2 million. Our current worth of Haller is £2.7 million. That is a considerable difference. Moreover with an Overall Efficiency of 0.96% Haller is likely to be a disappointment for Eintracht Frankfurt. Even though Haller’s likelihood to disappoint of only 1.81% (which is low) means that it is unlikely that Haller’s Football Efficiency will change at Enintracht Frankfurt. Haller’s Offense Efficiency of 0.16% is also not helping. The issue is that although Haller scored a lot in the Dutch Eredivisie he also produced a lot of shots that did not score.

Nevertheless, Haller’s transfer fee of £5.2 million could still be a good deal for Eintracht Frankfurt. Given the transfer fees in the Bundesliga Eintracht Frankfurt won’t expect much of Haller. The valuation of The Football Effficiency Monitoring System is dynamic and depends on the efficiencies of a player during the most recent matches. If we look at Haller his highest valuation during the season was £8.2 million and his lowest valuation was £2.3 million. If we take the median of those valuations you get a remarkable £5.25 million almost exactly what was paid for Haller. So although are prevision is that Haller will not be successful at Eintracht Frankfurt, there is a silver lining that his transfer fee is reasonable if you look at the whole season rather than the four most recent games.

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