Can I make my own analyses with The Football Efficiency Monitoring System?

When we have enough resources to develop our Football Efficiency Monitoring System app, then you can easily make your own analyses with the app. Until the app is ready you are welcome to work with our client prototype tool. This is a fully functioning tool with the exception that it doesn’t generate the football efficiency chart. You can use this prototype to analyze any match you see, either live or a recording. Then you send the data to us and we process your analysis.

When you give us two analyses of two different teams, we reward you with the probabilities for winning a match between those two teams. So if you want to know who the likely winner is of a match between Team A and Team B in week 2, then make sure you analyze a match of Team A and a match of Team B in week 1. Then we send you the probabilities for who will win their upcoming match as soon as the lineups of that match are known.

To request access your access to the client prototype of The Football Efficiency Monitoring System, please fill in the form below:

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