The Prototype of the Football Efficiency Monitoring System

Currently we are doing our analyses with the prototype of the Football Efficiency Monitoring System. Many people ask us how it works. Here are artist’s impressions of what the app will look like:

This is the overview screen for one of the assistant-managers He can immediately see during the match in real time how the team is doing and whether a player is severely under-performing and needs to be substituted. He can also switch to the opponent and see how to opponent is faring and whether there are any weaknesses in the opposing team that can be exploited. If the assistant-manager needs more info on an individual player he can click that player and see all the necessary details.

Most of the time we have multiple analysts who use the 12 buttons you see on the right to record what results a player is getting. In total there are more than 30 defined outcomes that are recorded by these 12 categories. A recorded result is then filtered through a competition model, a team model, an opponent model, a task model and a player model to finally calculate the player’s Attacking, Defending and Passing Efficiencies which results in the player’s Overall Efficiency which is displayed in the graph in both the player view and the team overview.

At the same time you can see how the valuation model of the Football Efficiency Monitoring System changes depending on the efficiency of the player. That way the staff can explain to a player what it means for his transfer fee if he makes certain mistakes. On the flip side, the staff can also positively reinforce excellent performance by explaining to the player by how much his transfer fee has risen.

On the left you see a list of the players that makes that you can easily update the screen if there is a substitution and switch to another player to either see how he is doing or to record his results.

It is one thing to see these screenshots and it is a completely other matter to see it live in action during a match.